Talk Time: Blossom


Talk Time: Blossom

I have such a fascination with flowers. There are so many different types and yet they are all so beautiful; just like how there are many types of people and they are all beautiful in their own way. 

In some ways, humans are similar to flowers. Like flowers, we must accept both the sun and rains of life to truly grow. We must endure harshness and embrace the ever changing world around us. And like flowers, we are often admired for our outer beauty rather than our ability to survive in even the toughest circumstances. As we humans, we are often so busy appreciating people for their aesthetic, that we forget that each human being is incredible on the inside. 

 But unlike flowers, we can choose our paths, take on new challenges and find the beauty within us. We are not stuck where we are planted. We can grow; we can evolve. We can take new roads and see where they lead us. And by doing so we are given a chance to see the deep qualities that make us a wonder. They start to come to the surface when we push past our comfort zone. 

When we push past our comfort zone, when we take new risks, it is then that we blossom. 

Much like how flowers must sprout out from the ground or their buds into the unknown in order for them to bloom and blossom, revealing their beauty to us, humans are like that. We have to push past the familiar, into the unknown, in order for us to blossom. By doing so we see who we are and what makes us unique. 

Many people are unaware of their own beauty and sometimes I think that’s best. It’s not exactly the best idea to spend all your time obsessing over your looks. After all, what you may consider a flaw may be the very thing that makes people like you. 

Since we often don’t know what draws people to us in the first place, it’s a waste of time to be consumed by your own outer shell. But I do believe that if we embrace life to the fullest and take on new challenges we begin to see a glimpse of our own beauty. We begin to notice the inner beauty that makes us courageous, resilient, inspiring, and beautiful. 

When people begin to see their inner beauty, they radiate. 

Your inner beauty does shin through. It makes you beautiful. 

Much like flowers, when they open up and blossom, spreading their petals and revealing all their colours within that we are left in awe. Humans have that same ability. 

When we see someone’s beautiful qualities, we are in awe and inspired by them. We can’t help thinking they are beautiful. 

Take chances so that you can see your own beauty. Get out there; put yourself out there; step outside your comfort zone. 

Do not be afraid to challenge yourself; push past your boundaries. It is then that you grow, blossom and you find what lays below the surface.